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Arrival 15:00
Departure 13:00

Pet Policies

1. Pets that can be transported in a crate (maximum weight of 15 kilograms).

2. The use of muzzles is compulsory for potentially dangerous breeds, in accordance with the Police Code in force in Colombia.

3. One (1) pet per room will be accepted.

4. Only one floor of the hotel must be available for rooms with pets.

5. An additional fee is required to be paid as follows: - REGULAR FEE $50.000 per night of stay.

6. Guests must be responsible for their pets and must not leave them alone in the room.

7. The guest must be responsible if their pet causes any material damage inside the room or the hotel facilities. Damage caused by the pet must be assessed and assumed by the guest responsible for it, which will be charged to the room bill.

8. It is forbidden to use any type of linen in the room such as towels, sheets, beds, blankets in the room for pets.

9. Pet health policy: Pets must comply with the health regulations required by law, be free of parasites, such as fleas, ticks, heartworms, etc., and carry a current vaccination card.

10. Guests are responsible for picking up after their pets in and around the hotel.

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No servicio de parking en el hotel.

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